• GeoLab Mt. Apoi

GeoLab Mt. Apoi

GeoLabo Mt. Apoi (Mt. Apoi Geological Research Center)

Director : Dr. Kiyoaki Niida
(Former associate professor at a Hokkaido University graduate school)
Address : Aza Horoman 55, Samani Town, Samani-gun, Hokkaido
Contact : Tel./fax: +81-146-38-2535
E-mail: GeoLab_apoi@minos.ocn.ne.jp
Closed : Dr. Niida is generally at the lab during the second weekend of each month. The number below can be used for inquiries on other days.
Geopark Promotion Section, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department, Samani Town Government
Tel.: +81-146-36-2120
E-mail apoi.geopark@festa.ocn.ne.jp

Lab Overview

GeoLab Mt. Apoi, located in a renovated science classroom of the old Horoman Elementary School building, exhibits research materials owned by its Director Dr. Niida, who has studied the Horoman Peridotites for more than 40 years. It also has mineral and rock specimens as well as research equipment such as rock cutter, rock polishers, and microscopes. The lab provides opportunities for visitors to produce petrographic thin sections and gain other types of hands-on experience.

Books and other publications (practical learning room)

Mineral and rock specimens (practical learning room)

Stereoscopic microscope and polarization microscope (laboratory)

Rock polishers (large, laboratory)

Rock polishers (small, laboratory)

Rock cutter (laboratory)

Public workshops and hands-on courses for children

GeoLab Mt. Apoi holds public workshops providing locals with opportunities to feel rocks and minerals with their own hands. At occasional workshops, participants create specimens of rocks from their hometown and produce petrographic thin sections among other things using a rock cutters and rock polishers.