• What is Mt. Apoi Geopark?

What is Mt. Apoi Geopark?

The prefix geo refers to the earth and its surface, and the term geoparks describes natural areas with geological or geomorphological features of scientific importance or natural beauty. Such parks are designated to protect, provide education on and leverage geological or geomorphological features, related natural surroundings and local history and culture.

Samani Town in the eastern Hidaka area of Hokkaido is home to mountains and gorges made of peridotites featuring purity and variety found in few places worldwide as well as endemic alpine plant communities that thrive in the area's particular soil. The town also has a long history and a rich culture based on its development as a trading hub thanks to the favorable natural harbor created by its unusual coastal terrain.

Mt. Apoi Geopark is a geological area where visitors can learn about and enjoy valuable geological heritage and the rich natural environment as well as the history and culture of Samani. It was certified as a Japanese Geopark in 2008, and it has been designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark since 2015. Efforts are made to provide increased opportunities for people to learn about and enjoy Mt. Apoi Geopark via related information and various events.

Experience the earth's dynamic activity and the grand natural environment at Mt. Apoi Geopark.