• For researchers and students

For researchers and students

Mt. Apoi Geopark actively supports researchers and students interested in or engaging in survey and research work on Mt. Apoi Geopark regardless of disciplines.

Mt. Apoi Research Support Center

This budget accommodation and research facility caters to researchers and students conducting survey and research work on Mt. Apoi Geopark.

The facility is used for various purposes in a range of fields. Examples of short-term (several-day) stays include those for liberal arts education, undergraduate outdoor activities, academic conference excursions and other events, and workshops for seminars and extracurricular activity clubs. Long-term stays of several months may be booked for purposes including research and sampling for graduation theses, master's theses and doctoral dissertations.

The center welcomes researchers and students engaging in such activities at Mt. Apoi Geopark.

Facility Overview
Capacity : 25 people in regular accommodation rooms only (5 people x 5 rooms)
55 people with accommodation in the main hall (5 people x 5 rooms + 30 people)
Bedding : Futon sets are provided; charges apply for sheets (see Accommodation charges below).
Meals : Self-catering: no meals provided, full use of kitchen facilities (e.g., refrigerator, gas, cooking utensils and tableware)
The neighboring Apoi Sanso Hotel caters to staying and non-staying guests.
Bathing : No bathing facilities; the neighboring Apoi Sanso Hotel can be used for this purpose (fee: 500 yen).
Special equipment : Rock cutters and polishers are provided.
: 1000 yen/night
Sheets: 500 yen (for each set if replacement is required)
Open : Late April - late October (Contact the section below regarding stays during other periods.)
Booking requests : Booking requests can be e-mailed to the address below.

Contact for inquiries and applications

Contact the section below regarding bookings for Mt. Apoi Research Support Center.

Geopark Promotion Section, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department, Samani Town Government
Odori 1-chome 21, Samani Town, Samani-gun, Hokkaido 058-8501, Japan
Tel.: +81-146-36-2120 Fax: +81-146-36-2662
E-mail: apoi.geopark@samani.jp