• For local residents

For local residents

At Mt. Apoi Geopark, various lectures and events are held in collaboration with related organizations for the residents to understand more about the area where they live, including geopark initiatives and available geopark resources. The geopark is also involved in promoting these events.
Information about the lectures is listed on the geopark Facebook page and advertised in Samani Town publications.

Apoi College

The "Hometown and Geo-study" lecture series began as a way for locals to learn about and reflect upon the geopark and the surrounding region. After expanding on this idea, the geopark began a new lifelong learning course in 2020 called "Apoi College."

Kan x Kan Lectures

The Kan x Kan Lecture series includes diverse topics and is organized through cooperative efforts between geopark facilities such as the Visitor Center, Samani Folk Museum, Samani Public Library. These lectures covered a wide range of themes from outdoor events to workshops, all for residents to understand more about the appeal and culture of the area.

Hokkaido Geopark Festival

In collaboration with the Hokkaido Museum, geoparks and aspiring geoparks within Hokkaido hold an annual event to promote the attractions of each area. The event is held at the Hokkaido Museum and is popular among the residents of Sapporo as a way to learn more about the Hokkaido geoparks.